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1978-79 Joe E. Bradley

1979-80 Charles Gallagher

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1982-83 William Ruple

1983-84 John E. McIntosh

1984-85 James Trutko

1946-47 W.W. Godard

1947-48 F.I. Sheron

1948-49 B.S. Root

1949-50 F.O. Kiel

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Cleveland Business Economists Club

1962-63 Dr. Cicely Blanco

1963-64 Dr. Addison T. Cutler

1964-65 Robert O. Jaynes


President: Candice F. Ensinger, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Vice-President: Reuben Hernandez, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Treasurer: Boris Rogulja, Glenmede Trust Co. 

Marketing: Mary Zenker, Key Bank

Secretary (Interim): John T. King, PNC Wealth Management

Board Members at Large:

Richard Nash, Westfield Group

Ryan Reed, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Art Stupay, Dix & Eaton​


  • Networking opportunities among individuals with similar professional interests
  • Discounted registration to luncheons and other special events
  • Pre-registration to heavily attended meetings
  • Invitations to small group discussions with presenters

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Westfield Group


Lincoln Electric

Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank

Key Bank

John Carroll University

Ursuline College

Freedonia Group

Dix & Eaton

U.S. Bank

MAI Wealth Advisors

First Merit Bank

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Cleveland Association for Business Economics


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Business Statistics Section

1926-27 J.D. Phillips

1927-28 H.A. Wembridge

1928-29 J.W. Love

1929-30 B.B. Smith

1930-31 H.G. Hard

1931-32 D.C. Elliot

1932-33 D.A. Hill

1933-34 E.A. Stephen

1934-35 J.W. Vanden Bosch

1935-36 F.W. Graff

1936-37 Mrs. Frieda F. Selbert

1937-38 L.M. Whittington

1938-39 K.H. McKenzie

1939-40 W.T. Diebold

1940-41 C.A. Cowley

1941-42 L.M. Hostetler

1942-43 J.W. Love

1943-44 J.A. McWerthy

1944-45 F.G. Moore

1945-46 Adolph Berger


Originally established in 1926 as the Business Statistics Section of the Cleveland Chapter of the American Statistical Association, the organization was renamed the Cleveland Business Economists Club in 1962 before becoming known as the Cleveland Association for Business Economics in 2000 in order to reflect CABE's diverse array of membership.

Connecting and informing Northeast Ohio's economics practitioners since 1926


Cleveland Association for Business Economics
Westfield Center, Ohio, United States

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